Jerry-can GKA 4 liters

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Weight: 1 kg.
Made in: Russia
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Professional expeditionary jerry-can. Volume 4 liters.

This jerry-can is a good solution for far expeditions, as well as for serious exploitation in the conditions of severe impassibility and for a family vacation.

Jerry-cans GKA passed the entire route of Dakar on the automobiles of technical support without any criticism. The air temperature reached 53 Grad.

4-liters jerry-can is a small volume. A plug-and-socket for the fasteners GKA BASIC makes this canister indispensable for journeys on the motorcycle.

There a plug and a comfortable spout are in the set.

In the section ‘fasteners’ you can find a comfortable fastener for this jerry-can.

It is produced in two colors – black, red.

It is made of ultra-strong polyethylene and indispensable for all machinery.

SKU: GC-4l

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