ATV Storage Boxes

Have you purchased an ATV and found out that you need a solid and high-quality ATV storage box? We will be happy to help you figure out what types of boxes are best for ATV and how to choose the right one!

All ATV owners need to purchase the right ATV cargo box to carry certain items with them. It is a necessary tool when you need to expand the capabilities of your utility vehicle to transport certain items. Fortunately, there are many high-quality cargo boxes for ATV on the market. We prepared a short guide on the types of ATV boxes that we hope will be useful to you!

What Types of ATV Storage Boxes Exist?

There are many different types of storage boxes for ATV. They can be divided into several criteria: application, those that attach to the vehicle, and the material from which boxes are made.

Let's find out more about each type.

  • Application

There are three main types of luggage boxes for ATVs, which are determined by their application — storage boxes, toolboxes, and cargo boxes. Accordingly, these boxes are designed for the transportation and keeping of small loads.

Cargo boxes were created to transport various items, and in terms of volume, they are larger than storage boxes.

Toolboxes are designed to transport tools and equipment and are distinguished by their durability.

  • Storage boxes that attach to the vehicle

There are ATV boxes that attach to the front ATV rack, as well as to the back seat of your vehicle.

  • Material

The durability of a rear box for ATV depends on the material from which it was made. Today on the market you can find ATV boxes made from durable plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Pay attention to these three categories when buying an ATV rear box. Choose rack storage depending on your needs.

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