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Super modern ATV skid plates are made of wear-resistant material, they are securely attached to the underside of the ATV and prevent damage to its underside during contact with the road surface. Increased resistance of skid plates for ATV to shocks and various damages allows to keep the integrity of the vehicle.

Our utv skid plates are resistant to rust and extreme temperature fluctuations. They protect the fuel tank from damage on challenging routes. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of each ATV skidplate and its ability to protect critical parts of the ATV. The optimal choice is aluminum ATV skid plates, they do not weigh much, but have a positive effect on aerodynamics. Our utv skid plates ensure smooth and accurate airflow under the ATV and significantly reduce turbulence.

The aluminum skid plate for your ATV is ideal for riding on asphalt roads, and is also highly resistant to corrosion. A big bonus of a skid plate is its barrier function, that is, it does not let debris, stones and dust into the engine compartment, which allows you to keep the performance of the ATV for a longer period. This is a very useful detail that extends the life of the various components of the vehicle and the ATV as a whole.

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