Front Fuel Can for CFMoto Cforce

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Weight: 4 kg.
Made in: Russia
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BRAND: Tesseract
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Front Jerrycan for CFMoto Cforce 21-liters canister was developed in the same design as the Cfmoto Cforce X6, X8, and X10 ATVs and is intended for installation on the front Luggage area.

During the development, all the features of the front Luggage space of the ATV were taken into account, so the canister is ideally installed on the Luggage area and fully uses its space. Canisters are equipped with quick-release fasteners, which are installed in the standard holes without additional tools. Installing the trunk takes no more than 30 seconds.

For this fixate quick-release fasteners (included) in the designated holes and tighten them up.

The jerry can is made of high-density polyethylene. High resistance to external temperature changes allows using it during expeditions, trips to remote places, or for any other off-road journeys. You can mount this jerry can both on the storage box and the front rack.

Package contents:

The filler spout.
The retaining ring and cover.
4 quick-release mounts.


CFMOTO Cforce 800xc/850xc/X8/X10
CFMOTO Cforce X6/Cforce 625

SKU: 020_044_00

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