GKA R 304 - Rear ATV box

ATV box GKA R 304

R 304
8 kg.

220 EUR


Description: The quad atv koffer GKA R 304, is one of the most popular ATV BOXes in the world. This ATV BOX is a slightly completed version of an original ATV BOX BRP - G1. Due to its successful design this ATV Box will be an adornment on each machinery. The successful form makes it one of the most durable ATV BOX in its class. During examinations GKA R 304 endured falling from the height of 628 meters and was absolutely intact. The ATV BOX GKA R 304 is a good solution for far expeditions, as well as for serious exploitation in the conditions of severe impassibility and for family vacation. The rubber sealant profile D makes the ATV BOX more hermetic.

  • – It is made of first class import high density plastic.
  • – Rubber sealant on the cover above protects the ATV BOX from getting wet.
  • – Metal locks with keys.
  • – Two red reflector on the back part of the ATV BOX, two yellow on the sides.
  • - Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.

Compatibility: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, STELS, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, etc.


Quad Box GKA C 401

Quad Box GKA C 401

GKA C 401 Compatible with: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, STELS, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris etc.

222 EUR 230 EUR
Box for kids ATV

Box for kids ATV

205 EUR 215 EUR
GKA R 303

GKA R 303

This ATV BOX GKA R 303 is a classical one in the history of ATV. ATV riders love form

220 EUR 228 EUR