GKA Gun Case

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Weight: 7 kg.
Made in: Russia
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ATV gun case is designed by GKA to keep your weapon safe when driving a quad. The company uses high-density polyethylene for its products. The gun case for ATV is no exception. This type of material is a highly impact-resistant thermoplastic. It is capable of maintaining its properties even at extreme temperatures. The lid of the case is equipped with a rubber seal that helps protect your weapon from moisture, dust, and other substances.

To install the case, you will need quick-release fasteners GKA basic and an angle bracket included in the complete set. Choose the right place for installation, install the angle bracket, and attach the fasteners to it. Place the case and tighten the fasteners for the case not to fall off when you are driving.

ATV gun case has the following specifications:

  • 7 kg of weight;
  • a metal lock with keys;
  • a textile cover inside the case prevents the weapon from being scratched;
  • quick-release fasteners;
  • an angle bracket.

The case has space to hold one gun, which should be130 cm in length maximum. It perfectly fits any quad model. With the ATV gun case, your weapons will serve you for a long time.

LWH: 1350х140х370

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