Plastic box for gun "GKA Gun Case"


7 kg.

141 EUR

GKA GUN CASE is made of the top-quality, shock-resistant, frost-resistant, reinforced polyethylene. A convenient cover provides easy access to weapons, and a metal lock save your weapon.

The hermetic atv gun case "GKA GUN CASE" will protect your weapon from water, dirt, snow, dust and will keep your gun many years. And the inner textile cover will protect the weapon from the effects of any mechanical impact.

A convenient bracket allows you to place the trunk in any conceived place. The best of atv gun holder.

Complete set:

  • - A plastic atv gun case with the lock.
  • - A textile cover for careful storage of weapon.
  • - Quick-release fasteners GKA BASIC.
  • - Mounting bracket.

LWH: 1350х140х370


The mount for the cans.

The mount for the cans.

90 EUR
Box for kids ATV

Box for kids ATV

205 EUR 215 EUR
GKA Sand Mud Snow Wheels

GKA Sand Mud Snow Wheels

The basis for the development of GKA Sand Mud Snow Wheels were taken North American J-wheelz.

124 EUR 130 EUR