Box for Sportsman ACE 900

$ 456
Weight: 11 kg.
Made in: Russia
BRAND: Tesseract
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The trunk was created in the same design as the Sportsman ACE 900 all-terrain vehicle and is intended for installation only on this model. When developing, all the features of the ATV's Luggage space were taken into account, so the trunk fits perfectly on the Luggage area. The trunk is equipped with quick-release fasteners, which are installed in the regular holes without additional tools. Installing the trunk takes no more than 30 seconds.

Reliable metal locks are locked with a key, ensuring the safety of your belongings. The sealing rubber band on the trunk lid will protect your belongings from moisture, dirt and dust, even in the most severe operating conditions.

The complex geometry of the trunk is not only a design element, but also at a similar weight increases the strength of the trunk due to the presence of stiffeners. The trunk has a volume of 100 liters.


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