Jerry-can for CFMOTO 550/850/X5/X6/X8/x10

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5-liter jerry-can is specially designed for mounting on boxes and rear racks of the CFmoto Х5 and Х8 quad bike models. The shape of the jerry-can repeats the contour of the box lid and box sides, ensuring a tight joint between mating surfaces. Installed jerry-can do not impede box lid opening. It can be mounted easily using the Basic quick-release fasteners within a minute.

This jerry-can is manufactured from robust high-density plastic. It is highly resistant against changes in temperature, which allows using it in off-road conditions, during expeditions or trips to remote places.

You can set up to 4 jerry-cans on one storage box and 2 jerry-cans on the front rack.

Complete set:

Jerry-can spout
Retaining ring and a cap

SKU: 020_002_00

Comments (2)
Posted at 06 january 2021, 06:52

Combien de litre ce jerricane ?

Posted at 2021-01-09 23:11:44

Le volume de ce bidon est de 5 litres

Anthony Tufano
Posted at 14 september 2020, 23:53

Will this jerry can fit on the rear box on cfmoto cforce 600 touring?

Posted at 2021-02-23 12:00:16

Yes. It fits on the box for Cforce 600.

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