Box TGB Blade 1000 LT EPS

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This box is constructed specifically for TGB 1000 LT EPS quad and perfectly complements the image of the ATV. We took into account all the features of the ATV’s luggage rack to ensure a perfect fit. The box quickly mounts and removes easily. There is no extra tool is needed. Quick-release fasteners included in the set fixates securely in the designated holes on the luggage rack.

High-quality lock latches do not protrude beyond the box sides and keep driver’spersonal belongings safe and secure. Rubber gasket that seals the lid protects items from dust and water, even under severe conditions of use.

The ribbing increases sturdiness of the box, and blends perfectly within overall design of the quad.

This box has a capacity of 120 litres and easily holds several helmets. It considerably increases active storage capacity of your ATV luggage rack.

Complete set: - 4 quick-release fasteners;
у- 2 metal locks with keys.
Weight: 10 kg
L x W x H: 1220х580х350 mm
Volume: 120 liters

SKU: 010_064_00

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