Snorkel kit (black) CFMOTO x8ho/cforce850/850xc/x10

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Material Polyethylene
Weight: 5 kg.
Made in: Russia
SKU: mp 0368 v2
BRAND: Storm Protect
Warranty: 1 year
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Installation only with radiator relocation kit MP0367. Kit includes:
- replaceable radiator relocation kit cover
- adapter for the air filter box
- 3 plastic snorkel caps
- 3.5 m heat-resistant flexible airpipe 60 mm
- 1 m heat shrink tube 80 mm
- 6 clamps Norma 50x70

Installation guide:

1. Connect the air filter intake hose to the air pipe through the supplied adapter.
2. Cut off the standard CVT inlet duct under the hood
3. Connect the CVT inlet to the air pipe and tighten with a clamp
4. Cut off the standard CVT outlet and connect it to the airpipe.
5. Drag the air pipe from CVT outlet along the central part and bring it under the hood
6. Wrap heat shrink around the CVT outlet duct (you can wrap with foil over heat shrink).
7. Cut a hole 65-70 mm in the hood and bring the radiator outlet air pipe under the dashboard
8. Fix the air ducts under the hood
9. Attach the snorkel plate
10. Put on the air ducts on the snorkel nozzles
11. Tighten the clamps on the snorkels In the dashboard, cut 3 holes with a diameter of 70 mm.

SKU: mp 0368 v2

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