GKA Sand Mud Snow Wheels expander wheels for ATV.

GKA Sand Mud Snow Wheels

6 kg.

124 EUR 130 EUR

GKA San Mud Snow Wheels are wheel extenders for ATV/UTV and other off-road wheel machinery. GKA SMS Wheels is an ideal tool for crossing the fields, marshes, deep snow and sand. GKA SMS Wheels helps increase the pass ability of our machinery and cross each root, even the most ambitious.

  • Simple and quick installation (no more than one minute for each wheel)
  • It can be installed on the ATV of each brand (All the fasteners are in the set.).
Weight of a wheel: 5 kg Diameter: 550 mm / 390 mm The price is for one wheel.


GKA R 301

GKA R 301

GKA R 301 is a comfortable and practical ATV BOX. The ATV BOX GKA R 301 is a good solution for far expeditions,

223 EUR 230 EUR
Box TGB Blade 1000 LT EPS

Box TGB Blade 1000 LT EPS

285 EUR 300 EUR
GKA C 404

GKA C 404

The hard GKA C 404 is a case of shockproof lasting plastic that can endure ultraviolet

279 EUR