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Material Polyethylene
Weight: 22 kg.
Made in: Russia
SKU: 040_009
BRAND: Tesseract
Warranty: 1 year
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So two tasks are solved at once - storage of equipment and belongings, as well as protection from precipitation and sunlight.

The case is designed to be squat and streamlined, without disturbing the aerodynamics of the UTV. Practical and durable, the roof box is attached to the frame of the buggy with special mounting plates that are included in the set.

This spacious case consists of two compartments; each has a folding flap with a hydraulic support and two built-in rubber locks. Thanks to the seal, the lids fit tightly to the base of the box, ensuring waterproofness and reliability of the product.

The functionality of the product is thought out in detail – there are even recesses for the stereo system on the underside of the roof.

The product can be supplemented with special audio speaker protective caps that prevent the built-in speakers from mechanical damage and moisture.

Complete set:

- 4 rubber locks;
- 2 mounting plates;
- 2 hydraulic pistons;
- Set of fittings.


- Kawasaki KRX 1000.

Dimensions: 1230*1150*270 mm/48,42"*45,27"*10,62".

Volume: 195l\51,51 gal.

SKU: 040_009

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