CFMOTO Cforce 600/X6 2020 Rear Box

Weight: 10 kg.
Made in: Russia
SKU: 010_008_00
BRAND: Tesseract
Availability: In stock
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The rear Box was designed especially for quad bike for CFMOTO Cforce 600/X6 2020 year and UP and suits for this model only.

It fits perfectly on the luggage rack and neither bothers the passenger nor protrudes beyond dimensions of the quad. It will be an ideal complement to your ATV.

Durable metal lockers with keys will ensure the safety of your items.

The sealing rubber on rear Box top will protect your belongings from humidity, dirt, and dust even in the toughest conditions.

The rear Box goes with quick-release mounts that are installed into regular holes in the luggage rack.

Compatible with models CFMoto:

-CForce 600 2020 year and UP
-CForce 600 touring 2020 year and UP
-CForce 625 2020 year and UP
-CForce 625 touring 2020 year and UP

For models released before 2019, you need to use a different model of the box.

You can also place on coffer up to 4 branded canisters CFMOTO designed exclusively for this coffer.

Complete set:

4 quick-release mount;
2 metal lockers with keys.
Weight: 9,5 kg / 21 Lb.
Dimensions LxWxH: 1068х614х364 mm / 42"x24"x14".
Volume: 100 l / 26.4 gal.

SKU: 010_008_00

Comments (3)
Posted at 09 april 2021, 08:54

If I get it shipped to the USA in the state of Arizona, how long does it take for it to arrive?

Posted at 2021-04-09 08:58:51

Shopping time to USA 3-4 weeks. Sometimes fast.

Posted at 05 october 2020, 17:13

I ordered one of these for my 2020 CForce 600 Touring because the description says "will easily fit 2 helmets" This is simply not true!! The box is great, BUT part of the reason I ordered was to store my helmets. Please fix the description for other customers.

Posted at 2020-10-06 18:56:41

The developers did not have full-size helmets in mind when writing the product description. I'm sorry about your purchase.

Posted at 17 september 2020, 23:08

Does this box fit on CForce 600 touring 2020 2 passengers?

Posted at 2020-09-17 23:11:27

Yes it fit. This box made special for this model. 1 and 2 passengers.

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