GKA Fuel Pack in the spare wheel

Jerry can GKA in the spare wheel ‘NZ’

1.5 kg.

77 EUR

It is produced in two colors – black, red.
It is made of high-strength polymer.
The jerry can can be comfortably put in the spare wheel. It allows you always to have reserve stock of fuel in the trunk without taking unnecessary place and jolting in the trunk.
The jerry can is supplemented with a comfortable spout for pouring and a locking ring on the cover, which protects the fuel from getting poured.

Weight: 1,55 kg


ATV box GKA L 500

ATV box GKA L 500

The GKA L 500 is a maximally practical and durable ATV BOX. It is an ideal solution for journeys, expeditions and hunt.

259 EUR
The mount for the cans.

The mount for the cans.

90 EUR
GKA S 301

GKA S 301

Plastic Rear ATV BOX GKA S 301. The rubbert profile the ATV BOX more hermetic.

112 EUR