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Plastic back ATV BOX. Model GKA L 505

GKA L 505 was designed by the experts of our company especially for hunters. This ATV BOX has a range of structural distinctions , which allowed it to enjoy wide popularity among hunters:

  1. 1. The useful volume makes up 220 liters making it the most capacious on the market.
  2. 2. The ATV BOX is constructed in the way that you can put into it not only a gun and person things, but also a tiny carcass of a wild boar.
  3. 3. The cover is supplemented with a special soft pillow and handles that you can hunt sitting on the ATV BOX. It gives you additional 1, 5 m of height.

GKA HUNTER is a good solution for hunt, as well as for ordinary journeys. Durable, cold-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylene allows using this ATV Box in the most severe conditions. The helpful volume of the ATV BOX allows transporting till 220 liters of cargo in the complete safety. The special form of its cover with sealant rubbers makes it more hermetic.
Weight: 14,37 kilos
Volume: 220L

  • – It is made of first class import high density plastic.
  • – A quick-release backrest, as well as a soft pillow above is in the set.
  • – Rubber sealant on the cover above protects the ATV Box from getting wet..
  • – Two (2) good locks with keys.
  • – Two (2) red reflectors on the back part of the ATV Box.
  • – Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.

Compatible with: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, etc.

SKU: L 505
SKU: L 505

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