GKA L 500 Rear ATV box

ATV box GKA L 500

GKA L 500
12 kg.

259 EUR

Plastic back ATV BOX. Model GKA L 500

Due to its form and size the GKA L 500 is one of the biggest and capacious ATV Boxes on the market. The helpful volume of this ATV BOX is 200 liters!

  1. 1. Simple form allows maximally lucrative using the entire helpful volume.
  2. 2. Tubular sealant 12*10 mm protects the ATV Box from getting wet, dusty and dirty.
  3. 3. Simple and universal installing set allows fastening it on most ATV of famous brands: CFMOTO, Cectec, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, HISUN etc.
  4. 4. Metal locks with keys keep your the accompanied luggage, when you are absent.

The storage box GKA L 500 is a maximally practical and durable ATV BOX. It is an ideal solution for journeys, expeditions and hunt. You can put in it four helmets, canister, chainsaw and other useful things. Also due to its straight lines you can put on the ATV BOX GKA L 500 canisters outside using the fastener GKA BASIC above, as well as behind and on the sides. The ATV BOX GKA L 500 is a good solution for far expeditions and serious driving, and for family vacation.


GKA C 403

GKA C 403

The ATV BOX GKA C 403 can be installed with an own backrest of ATV, as well as without it because a quick-release

292 EUR
Quad Box GKA C 401

Quad Box GKA C 401

GKA C 401 Compatible with: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, STELS, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris etc.

222 EUR 230 EUR
GKA S 102

GKA S 102

The ATV BOX of the economy class GKA S 102, is a low cost analogue of the ATV BOX GKA F 102

163 EUR